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Bluestar insists on using technological innovation as a driving force but more importantly, taking the market demand as direction.

Relying on rich technical resources, production, and new product development capabilities, Bluestar has cultivated it’s own powerful team of staff.

Bluestar is also very proud of it’s management team, who possess advanced conceptional skills and a remarkable spirit of innovation.

Bluestar products consist primarily of flavoured E – liquid. Our electronic cigarette liquid (Vapor Flavour, e-liquid, e-juice or smoking juice) contains the finest ingredients and are sold in Europe, United States and worldwide.

Bluestar E-Liquid is manufactured in the UK and is one the largest UK manufactured Wholesale bulk E-Liquid brand, unlike our competitor brands which are mainly sourced from far east. Our quality control processes conform to the highest domestic and international health and pharmaceutical standards and the strictest health management and quality control systems enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest products in the industry.



“Customer Service and Quality”.

Skillfully composed tastes are a natural combination of carefully selected ingredients, to preserve all tastes and flavor. Each recipe has its own unique specificity, which enhances the flavor, taste, and density of the liquid.

Using our extensive experience in the production of Vapor Flavor, and enclosing it in a modern, elegant packaging design, Bluestar has managed to create a new premium product.