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    Bulk & wholesale e-liquid (e-juice), at the most affordable prices available.


    We guarantee that you will not find more cost-effective e-liquid in bulk & wholesale prices anywhere else.

    E-Liquid Without Nicotine (0mg)
    100ml – £5.99 (0.60p per 10ml)
    200ml – £10.99 (0.55p per 10ml)
    500ml – £19.99 (0.40p per 10ml)
    1 Litre – £36.99 (0.37p per 10ml)
    2.5 Litre – £69.99 (0.28p per 10ml)
    5 Litre – £129.99 (0.26p per 10ml)

    E-Liquid With Nicotine (1mg to 24mg)
    100ml – £8.99 (0.90p per 10ml)
    200ml – £15.99 (0.80p per 10ml)
    500ml – £24.99 (0.50p per 10ml)
    1 Litre – £44.99 (0.45p per 10ml)
    2.5 Litre – £99.99 (0.40p per 10ml)
    5 Litre – £174.99 (0.35p per 10ml)

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    Why buy wholesale e-liquid in bulk from Bluestar?

    As for having such a large client base who brands our liquid as their own, there are a great number of other reasons for why you should choose us:
    • 100% UK sourced ingredients, and manufactured by us – a trusted brand.
    • Highly respected brand that is recognised throughout the world.
    • Cheapest e-liquid supplier in Europe, without compromising on quality.
    • Ship thousands worldwide.
    • The most competitive prices available, hands down.
    • Aim to ship within 48 hours of placing your order.
    • Professional email customer support that will help you each step of the way.
    • Full CHIP/CLP compliant e-liquid, that has been lab tested.
    • Our products come with full product liability insurance.


    How We Supply Our E Liquid

    Bespoke Bulk & Wholesale E-Liquids
    70/30 PG/VG or Any Other Mix

    These flavoured e-liquids are delivered in premium-grade plastic Jerrycan containers of varying sizes. Smaller bottles are to be purchased separately.


    (100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 25 litre etcetera.)

    Ready Packed Box-Set E-Liquids
    70/30 PG/VG and 20/80 PG/VG

    Ready Packed E-liquids are delivered pre-packaged as box sets. Each box-set contains the same flavour and nicotine strength that you specify upon checkout.

    They either come Bluestar branded or USP Nicotine branded, depending on the mix ratio.

    (Quantity of 10 e-liquids at 10ml size, each.)


    Our bulk & wholesale scheme isn’t just exclusive to our e-liquid, we can provide you nicotine concentrate, flavourings and empty dropper bottles in any quantity, too!

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    Please have a look at our FAQ page for further information, and our Terms of Service page for terms & conditions.
    Alternatively, you can contacting us and get the ball rolling.