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    SALE apricot-e-liquid

    From: £9.99 £8

    Apricot fruit e-liquid has a deep, rich taste that is really unique and enjoyabl..

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    Apricot Box Set

    SALE b&h-tobacco-e-liquid

    From: £9.99 £5

    Tastes slightly on the strong side, like a real special filter cigarette. FLASH ..

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    B+H Box Set


    From: £1.99

    Said to taste like a real special filter cigarette. B+H e-liquid tastes slightly..

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    B+H E-Liquid

    SALE banana-e-liquid

    From: £9.99 £8

    Banana fruit e-liquid is really energising and has a soft texture. You'd th..

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    Banana Box Set