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    Bluestar e-Liquid UK Ingredients – Buy Bulk & Wholesale e-Liquids | Worldwide

    Do You Still Pay Too Much For Your E-Liquids?
    Our Wholesale E-Liquids Start at Just £0.45 per 10ml!

    Bluestar is a cutting-edge supplier & manufacturer that caters for today’s market demand, of e cigarette liquid, in bulk with satisfactory wholesale prices.

    We pride ourselves in providing the cheapest e-liquid online, without compromising on quality. This is our guaranteed.

    Whether by relying on premium grade resources or innovative developments, Bluestar has cultivated its own skilled team of experts who really do understand the need for rich and savoury flavours.

    Bluestar products consist of flavoured e-liquid for electronic cigarettes. Our electronic cigarette liquid (aka e liquid, e-juice, smoking juice, vape juice or vapor flavour) contain the finest ingredients available and are sold in the UK, Europe, United States and worldwide.

    Bluestar products are mixed, manufactured, packaged and shipped worldwide, and is one the largest manufacturing wholesale e liquid brands. Unlike our competitors’ brands, who mainly source lower quality supplies. Our quality control processes conform to the highest domestic and international health and pharmaceutical standards.

    We pride ourselves in having the strictest health management and quality control systems, which enable us to provide our customers with the highest quality and safest products in the industry by far.



    Popular Products

    “Customer Service and Supreme Quality”.

    Bespoke wholesale e liquid with 100% UK & European sourced ingredients. Mixtures are skillfully composed with natural combinations of carefully selected ingredients, to preserve all tastes and flavours, to the highest degree. Each recipe has its own unique specificity, which enhances the flavour, taste, and density of the liquid.

    Using our comprehensive knowledge and expertise in the production of Vapor Flavor liquid – and enclosing it in modern, elegant design packaging – Bluestar has managed to create new premium products that cannot be matched in terms of price, quality and taste.

    We provide all the materials you need to create your perfect mix. We have many ingredients and items in stock, such as: over 150+ refills and flavourings; unflavoured bases in every mix, 36mg, 50mg & 72mg nicotine concentrates; TPD Nicotine Shots, empty TPD compliant 10ml tamper evident dropper bottles, heat shrink wraps, hazard warning triangles and stickers, disposable syringes, nitrile gloves, vape colourings, sweeteners, sour enhancers, packaging materials, and much, much more.

    Our current bulk juice come in any mix that is required. You can feel free to change the mix ratio of the bulk e-juice by selecting from the drop-down on the product pages. We also provide a range of nicotine strengths. Our previous box-set range came as 70% PG / 30% VG or 20% PG / 80% VG, only. So feel free to bulk buy e liquid, whilst being in total control.

    Feel free to use the live Currency Converter on the Cart or Checkout pages, to see our extremely low prices in your local currency.

    Please have a look at our FAQ page for further information, and our Terms of Service page for terms & conditions, before contacting us. As the question may have been answered.



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