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    Bluestar e-Liquids – Bulk & Wholesale e-Liquid
    The World’s Leading E-Liquid Brand

    The whole range of Bluestar e-liquids are set at the most affordable prices, without compromising our premium quality. These bulk e-liquid prices are hard to beat, as we offer them at less than wholesale cost.

    All the premium Bluestar e-liquids use supreme quality, pharma-grade liquids in their production, and are expertly mixed with the highest quality of UK & European sourced ingredients. They are all rigorously batch controlled, which ensures the highest quality of taste in not just a few bottles, but every bottle, and are compatible with each and every popular brand of electronic cigarette.

    All our range are supplied in plastic jerry-can containers – and bottles – of various sizes (10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1 litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 25 litre). They are all available in either 0mg, 1mg, 3mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, 16mg, 18mg, 20mg or 24mg nicotine concentrated strength, and are mixed at any PG/VG ratio required.

    We used to supply pre-packaged box-sets of 10 x 10ml e-juice, 10 x 30ml, and wholesale 20 x 10ml loose clearance e-juice. However, these are now end of life items and will not be back in stock.

    Bluestar invites you to try out our amazing value e-liquid flavours. It’s so simple to refill a cartridge when you are running low; only a few drops is all it takes. Our easy to use empty TPD compliant bottles makes the whole dispense processes swift. The e-liquid refills the cartridge swiftly and hassle free. They come with a specially designed bottle, which has a top that releases the liquid in drops so you can fully, and carefully, control how much you want to use. Additionally, they all include child-resistant caps (CRC).

    Steeping / Breathing (Streathing) Information

    Steeping and breathing (together known as Streathing) are techniques that allow the PG and VG to properly soak up the flavour molecules. This will greatly enhance the flavour of the e-liquid.

    We advise you to steep & breathe our bulk e-liquid, when you receive the products. The streathing process should take one to two weeks in a dark and closed environment, with the lids off, and the bottles should be shook daily. The products can then be set in a hot water bath or basin for up to 10 minutes, with the lids on. After this final process, we recommend you to shake the bottles, take off the caps, and let them breathe for up to six hours. We cannot stress enough how well the products taste, once this is done, as you will definitely be back for more.

    Do note that not all e-liquid flavours will need steeping. The rule of thumb is that darker flavours take longer to steep to bring out their true flavours.


    Delivery & Shipping Costs

    United Kingdom – (1-5 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £3.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: On orders of £35 or more.

    Europe – (3-10 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £9.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £100 or more.

    Iceland – (3-10 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £14.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £120 or more.

    Rest of World – (3-15 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £39.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £200 or more.

    Note: All orders can be subject to a 48 hour working day lead time as an addition to the shipping times. The Free Shipping option must be manually selected on the Cart or Checkout pages.


    Please have a look at our FAQ page for further information, and our Terms of Service page for terms & conditions, before contacting us. As the question may have been answered.


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