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    How to Vape for Cheap – Vape More, Spend Less

    April 18, 2018 | Leave a comment

    How to Vape for Cheap – Vape More, Spend Less


    These days, with the pressures on our money getting even greater, one of our pleasures in life can actually help you save money. Vaping, proved to be healthier than conventional smoking, with a far wider range of flavours and strengths than a traditional cigarette, it is not hard to see why vaping is becoming more and more popular worldwide. A lot of people walk into a high street vape store and are taken aback at the range of products on display, and a lot of them are at a price that seemingly makes smoking look cheaper. However, if you shop around and are willing to put a little work into your vaping you will find that it both improves the experience for you, and massively reduces the cost of it. So, let us explore a few options on how to vape on a budget. In regards to shopping online, with Bluestar E-Liquid you can literally buy all the supplies you will ever need to get you started on saving money, and their customer service is really friendly and helpful to boot.

    The first step to vape for cheap is to make your own e juice. This sounds more of a challenge than it actually is, and the best way to learn is to buy some of the basic ingredients and give it a go. The base of your juice is universally going to comprise of two basic elements, Polypropylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). VG is smoother on the throat and gives the distinct vapour clouds that vaping produces – perfect for cloud chasers. PG carries the flavours better and improves throat hit. Most people using ohm devices find that a mixture of 30% PG and 70% VG gives the best results for day to day vaping performance. In simple terms, in 100 ml of juice, that is 30 ml PG and 70 ml VG.

    So now we have a usable base, the next step is to add some flavour. Flavour Concentrates are readily available online. Adding flavour to your base is usually a matter of personal taste and a little experimentation. Most recipes you see online for e liquid do offer the amount of flavour concentrate needed as a percentage, for example 15%. This is to allow for differing volumes of juice to be made with the same recipe, so for 100 ml of vape juice you would need 15 ml of flavouring concentrate. Also, it is worth noting that as your concentrates are most likely to be carried in a PG base by manufacture, it is worth adjusting the volume of unflavoured PG you put into your mix, so for our 70/30 mix, you would still retain the 70 ml of VG, but add only 15 ml of unflavoured PG as you are adding 15 ml (15%) of PG based flavour.

    Once you have this worked out you will be able to make large volumes of e-juice at a fraction of the cost of buying it. Also, as a person who makes their own juice, you can always be sure that your latest mix will be something unique, and much more fun that buying ready-made e-liquid.

    We hope this has given you some inspiration, there is plenty of further reading out there on the net, so have fun and vape on. Get to vape for cheap at https://bluestar-eliquid.com/

    Let us all know in the comments below if there are any other points on how to vape for cheap.

    Legal Requirements for E-Liquid Packaging

    June 29, 2015 | Leave a comment

    Some Details About E-Liquid Packaging in Compliance with UK Legality


    Many of you will know what e-liquid is. To make things simple, e-liquid is a substance used with electric vaporizers, better known as electronic cigarettes. They are contentiously known as smoking substitutes and stop-smoking treatments – but this is another matter entirely, and can only be considered so if licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

    When it comes to delivering e-liquid through the post, this is where the problem can lie. Delivering e-juice is not as simple as some think it is. This is because vape juice is liquid. Many liquids are prohibited to some extent, anyway, and this liquid can potentially contain nicotine, which can be considered as something dangerous and hazardous – even in low strengths. Therefore, proper packaging when delivering this kind of product is necessary.

    For the basic packaging, an e-liquid bottle should have a child resistant cap (CRC), which will potentially stop children from being able to open the bottle. Since e-liquid is often vibrant and colourful, it can be enticing and appealing to the youth. However, that is just the very standard procedure in regards to the basic packaging. If the nicotine strength (mg) inside the package is more than 5mg for every ml of e-liquid, then the outside of the package should also have the proper warning signs. The signs are usually symbols at around 1 cm in diameter. These symbols are based on the Chemical Regulation, which was brought into force in 2009, and is generally known as CHIP 4.


    GHS Hazard Pictograms

    CHIP 4 is the previous regulation and is now replaced with the new CLP regulation, which makes sure that the e-liquid packaging is safe for anyone who handles it, including those who do not know what is inside the package. The main focus of CLP is that the signs or symbols of the hazardous containment should cover at least one-fifteenth of the size from the surface of the package labels. In short, a bigger package and label will have bigger symbols. However, if the size of the package is considerably small, then the new CLP regulations dictate that 1cm is the minimum size for the symbols on the e-liquid label or nicotine packaging.

    Besides the standard symbols for hazardous materials and containment, the package should also have some other details regarding the hazards contained within the package. One of these details is toxicity. Warnings, repercussions and treatments in regards to: if swallowed and direct contact with the skin. Furthermore, storing suggestions and the percentage values of the ingredients should be noted. Therefore, even those who do not know what is inside the package will understand that they are carrying something that may harm their health so they will handle the package with more caution.

    Other than the mentioned details, one of the most important things to note on the package is the batch number. This kind of number is considerably important to track what is inside the package, and from which supply.

    In regards to the labels on the bottle of e-liquid that contains nicotine, the following must be visible: The name of the e-liquid, the percentage mixture, the nicotine content in mg, an address and contact information, ingredient composition, warnings as well as treatments, hazard symbols including an embossed tactile triangle, storage instructions, expiry date, and a batch number.

    These are some tips and details about e-liquid packaging in compliance with UK legality. Even though many people out there are carrying e-juice around for their vapourizer pens, the e-liquid can still be considered dangerous and hazardous if you aren’t aware of these points.

    Let us all know in the comments below if there are any other points regarding e-liquid packaging.

    The E-Liquid Facts That Will Help You Quit

    January 11, 2014 | 1 Comment


    E-Liquid Facts

    E-Liquid Facts: If you want a fast and effective way to quit smoking, then you should buy cheap e-liquid. It’s becoming the easy way for people to continue their smoking habit while quitting at the same time. It can be a difficult habit to break as many people have suffered relapses and have gone back to smoking in order to get rid of withdrawal symptoms. However, if you buy cheap e-liquid, you increase your chances of quitting altogether.

    Smoking, as a habit, can be very detrimental to your health. Cigarettes alone are filled with so many toxins that continuing the habit harms more than it helps. So why risk your health when you can opt for smoking e-liquid instead and eliminate these poisons from your body. Here are some top e-liquid facts that you should keep in mind to motivate you to stop smoking.

    Better Sex

    Once you stop smoking, blood flow is increased throughout the body, meaning that sensitivity is also increased. Men who have stopped smoking have better erections, and women may have improved orgasms and may become aroused more easily. Non-smokers are also found more sexually attractive than smokers, typically because there isn’t the smell of cigarette smoke around.

    Better Complexion

    Refraining from smoking has been shown to reduce the signs of aging and delay the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. This is because nutrients are increased to the skin, which helps it to look youthful and vibrant. A smoker’s complexion can even be reversed if he stops smoking cigarettes altogether.

    Improved Breathing

    Cigarette smoking causes tar and other deposits to form inside the lungs and along the airways leading to the lungs. This makes it much harder for people to breathe over time and reduced lung capacity altogether. However, quitting smoking and choosing to buy cheap e-liquid instead has resulted in increased lung capacity and less coughing.

    Reduced Stress Levels

    The addiction to nicotine can cause elevated stress levels, which can have a detrimental effect on the heart as a whole. This stress is further increased when there are withdrawal symptoms. Satisfactions of cravings are only a temporary solution to a bigger problem. However, these cravings can be done away with if you choose to buy cheap e-liquid instead and remove the nicotine cravings from your life.

    Extended Life Span

    Smoking-related diseases have been known to shorten the lifespan dramatically, ranging from heart disease, lung cancer, and bronchitis. Quitters have been shown to add even decades to their lives and reduce the risk of life-threatening diseases and conditions in the future.

    These e-liquid facts should have convinced you to buy cheap e-liquid and make the change to your life that you deserve. Your health will certainly thank you for it. If you want to make the change today, consider purchasing your supply of e-liquid from us, including our stock of cannabis e-liquid.

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