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    Below are some of the questions we receive from customers. We try to answer as humble as possible.

    You are required to be 18 or over, to purchase from us. We take it that you abide by this rule.
    Yes, you can order in bulk. You can send us an email through our Contact Us page, with the amount you want to order, and we will get back to you. You can order as much as you like.
    We try our utmost to reply to every email, within 48 hours. If you do not see a reply in your inbox, please check your junk/spam folder.

    We advise you to add [email protected] to your address book/whitelist. Information on how to do this can be found by clicking here.

    Certain email clients such as Hotmail, Outlook and Live may parse emails directly into your junk/spam box – as these have overly-strict filters enabled.

    You certainly can, and without the need of a PayPal account. Simply checkout using the PayPal option on Checkout. Once you are redirected to the PayPal screen, click the Sign Up button on the bottom to checkout as guest using your card information.
    We allow purchases in cryptocurrency, namely Bitcoin or Etherium. You will need to email us to make purchases this way.
    We have always used £, as it used to be our main market, and we have no need to change the currency type. Our base accepted currency is $, we find it more acceptable to price our products as £, however. We will soon implement a function to allow the currency of your choice.

    You can use the live currency converter located on the bottom of the Cart or Checkout pages, to work out how little it is costing you in your local currency.

    You are expected to make between 300-400% profit, minimum. This is why we can’t be beat in price and quality.
    The cost of shipping are shown below:-

    United Kingdom – (1-5 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £3.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: On orders of £35 or more.

    Europe – (3-10 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £9.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £100 or more.

    Iceland – (3-10 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £14.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £120 or more.

    Rest of World – (3-15 Working Days)
    Economy Delivery: £39.99 flat-rate.
    Free Shipping: Orders of £200 or more.

    The Free Shipping option has to be manually selected on the cart or checkout pages. No refund can be applied if you paid for shipping, and could have checked out with free shipping.

    A ‘completed’ status order does not mean that the order is sent; it is to inform you that your order is ready to be dispatched within our 48-hour working day lead time.

    We have a 48 hour working day lead time, which all orders can fall under.

    Nearly all orders are sent on recorded delivery, so they can be tracked. If a tracking ID is requested, it can take up to 48-hours for you to receive it.

    Please note: under some circumstances additional delays may apply. In such cases, the company can not be liable for any losses caused by the delay of the shipping process.

    We ship from any of our hubs located around the world. Most of our hubs are non-EU situated, as we are a non-EU company.
    Most orders are insured, and we will try our best to rectify any issues – but we will need your cooperation in order to do so. We have a zero tolerance policy to abuse.
    All our range are supplied in plastic jerry-can containers/bottles of variable sizes (10ml, 30ml, 50ml, 100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1litre, 2.5 litre, 5 litre, 10 litre, 25 liter). All bulk e-liquid come with labels and warnings, as well as necessary information.

    Only some of the bottles have tips/nibs, so we advise you to purchase empty bottles, syringes or pipettes from the site if you are to refill your e-cigarette.

    We used to supply pre-packaged box-sets of 10 x 10ml e-juice, 10 x 30ml, and wholesale 20 x 10ml loose clearance e-juice. However, these are now end of life items and will not be back in stock.

    We supply 10ml e-liquid and flavourings on the site, which can be purchased for sampling purposes.
    Such problems affect 1%~ of our customers. If you are having these problems, please use a different web browser to make your order, to resolve the problem.
    We do not accept returns for subjective reasoning, as well as many common reasons, due to the nature of our products. I.e., reasons such as the description not matching the taste of the product – isn’t qualifiable. This is why we supply single 10ml e-liquid and flavours, for a small cost. A likely case we accept returns are, for example, if the completely wrong order/product was sent. However, please email us and we can decide depending on the situation.

    If a refund or exchange was authorised, for an order that was not wrongly sent, all payments made to ship the products back to our return address will be covered by you. We do not reimburse returns in the form of payment. We may, however, supply you with a discount coupon to use with your next order.

    As a customer on our website, you are responsible for knowing the laws of your land in relation to what goods can and cannot be imported by law. If your order is suspected as being classed as prohibited or dangerous by the border control/clearance office of your country when shipped out by us, any loss incurred if the goods are destroyed due to the examination failing, will not be compensated in anyway – as mention in the Terms. We assume you know the laws of your land before you make a purchase.
    We have 0mg nicotine-free alternatives. These must be selected on the specific product page before adding the items to the cart. Each e-liquid is available in either 0mg (nicotine-free) to 24mg nicotine concentrated strength, unless specified. Click here to see the effects of nicotine.
    We do supply these in most of our e-liquid range.
    All bulk e-liquids are mixed at whatever PG/VG ratio you choose on the individual product pages. Our PG & VG are the highest USP/BP grade.

    The PG/VG change requirements could not be fulfilled for our Ready Packed 10 x 10ml Box-Sets. However, we did provide 80% VG box-sets.

    As we are not a UK or European based company, our e-liquid have not been submitted for TPD testing. However, as we use premium UK and European manufactured ingredients, we are confident they will pass if you choose to get them tested and submit them yourself. Many of our clients have had their submissions approved using our products.

    0mg e-liquid in any size are exempt from TPD compliancy, so feel free to purchase our non-nicotine products with confidence. Individual items that do not contain nicotine, such as: flavourings, PG and VG are also exempt from the Tobacco Product Directive.

    Our new 10ml tamper evident dropper bottles will comply with TPD standards.

    The prefered way to contact us is by the support email, through the form on the contact page. We have a rapid response service and will get back to you regarding any matter that does arise.
    None of our products contain any sort of oils. All ingredients we use are mixed from pure PG/VG compatible ingredients, and are food-grade.

    Our e-liquid do not contain any unapproved, illegal or dangerous chemicals or oils such as: Stevia, Sucralose, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl or Diacetyl.

    On some occasions, we use food-grade approved artificial colouring in liquid form, to make our e-liquid stand out from the rest. (None-oil and tasteless). They are completely safe.

    We do not always send our e-liquid coloured, so for colouring related queries we request that you leave a note upon checkout.

    Our alcohol branded e-liquid do not contain any trace of ethanol and are completely safe for vaping. They are only flavours.
    Cannabis e-liquid is legal as it’s only flavour. Real cannabis is not used as that would be against the law in most countries. The images are there to only gave you a rough idea of the flavourings.
    All our products are completely safe for consumption in respect to any lifestyle choice, race or religion. We do not use any illegal ingredients or animal products. We can supply you proof of this if needed.
    We are e-liquid manufacturers; thus, we cut out a lot of the cost, and since we have such a huge supply of ingredients and e-liquid stock around the world, we can sell bulk at lower than wholesale prices. It would cost a lot more to order from countries that supply low cost ingredients, as most of our competitors do, and the quality would not even come close.
    They are absolutely fantastic! We have shipped thousands worldwide and have had many happy customers. Many of the premium e-liquid brands in the UK, as well as the world, use our liquid with their branding.


    For any other information, please see our Terms of Service page.