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    Pure Flavouring Concentrates / E-Liquid Flavours

    Available at less than wholesale prices, and in any quantity needed.

    Over 180+ flavour concentrates that are pure and undiluted. They are manufactured specifically for e-liquid, and they are created in a PG base.
    All natural FDA-approved flavourings. No artificial ingredients, oils or additives.
    Stevia, Sucralose, Acetoin, Acetyl Propionyl and Diacetyl free. As well as free of animal products and alcohol.
    Choose from our delicious categories of flavourings. Each specific category has a list of all our available flavours


    What are they used for?

    E-liquid Flavour Concentrates allow you to mix up juice refills yourself. This means that a flavour can be as weak or as strong as you want. Want to try your hand at mixing your own liquid? These are perfect for you!

    Do you find your e-juice a little low on flavour?

    Why not top it up using our huge range of 180+ mouth-watering concentrates! We guarantee you will love them and be back for more.

    How are they manufactured and sourced?

    All our range of flavour concentrates are created specifically for Bluestar, and are sourced from flavour manufacturers in the UK and Europe. Our suppliers are traditional companies with decades of experience in creating exquisite flavouring concentrates. These e flavours are manufactured specifically for e-liquid use, and are highly recommended in the vaping industry due to their consistent production and unrivalled tastes.

    What can I use to mix?

    Need sterile syringes, pipettes or graduated beakers to make the mixing process easy? They are available on the Accessories section of the site.

    Important Information

    Flavour concentrates cannot be vaped raw, by directly vaping with the use of an electronic cigarette, unless mixed using a diluent such as PG/VG. These flavours do not contain nicotine.

    If you have any questions regarding these products, or how to use them, feel free to email us through the contact page.

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