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  • Legal Requirements for E-Liquid Packaging

    June 29, 2015 E-Liquid Tips


    Some Details About E-Liquid Packaging in Compliance with UK Legality


    Many of you will know what e-liquid is. To make things simple, e-liquid is a substance used with electric vaporizers, better known as electronic cigarettes. They are contentiously known as smoking substitutes and stop-smoking treatments – but this is another matter entirely, and can only be considered so if licensed by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).

    When it comes to delivering e-liquid through the post, this is where the problem can lie. Delivering e-juice is not as simple as some think it is. This is because vape juice is liquid. Many liquids are prohibited to some extent, anyway, and this liquid can potentially contain nicotine, which can be considered as something dangerous and hazardous – even in low strengths. Therefore, proper packaging when delivering this kind of product is necessary.

    For the basic packaging, an e-liquid bottle should have a child resistant cap (CRC), which will potentially stop children from being able to open the bottle. Since e-liquid is often vibrant and colourful, it can be enticing and appealing to the youth. However, that is just the very standard procedure in regards to the basic packaging. If the nicotine strength (mg) inside the package is more than 5mg for every ml of e-liquid, then the outside of the package should also have the proper warning signs. The signs are usually symbols at around 1 cm in diameter. These symbols are based on the Chemical Regulation, which was brought into force in 2009, and is generally known as CHIP 4.


    GHS Hazard Pictograms

    CHIP 4 is the previous regulation and is now replaced with the new CLP regulation, which makes sure that the e-liquid packaging is safe for anyone who handles it, including those who do not know what is inside the package. The main focus of CLP is that the signs or symbols of the hazardous containment should cover at least one-fifteenth of the size from the surface of the package labels. In short, a bigger package and label will have bigger symbols. However, if the size of the package is considerably small, then the new CLP regulations dictate that 1cm is the minimum size for the symbols on the e-liquid label or nicotine packaging.

    Besides the standard symbols for hazardous materials and containment, the package should also have some other details regarding the hazards contained within the package. One of these details is toxicity. Warnings, repercussions and treatments in regards to: if swallowed and direct contact with the skin. Furthermore, storing suggestions and the percentage values of the ingredients should be noted. Therefore, even those who do not know what is inside the package will understand that they are carrying something that may harm their health so they will handle the package with more caution.

    Other than the mentioned details, one of the most important things to note on the package is the batch number. This kind of number is considerably important to track what is inside the package, and from which supply.

    In regards to the labels on the bottle of e-liquid that contains nicotine, the following must be visible: The name of the e-liquid, the percentage mixture, the nicotine content in mg, an address and contact information, ingredient composition, warnings as well as treatments, hazard symbols including an embossed tactile triangle, storage instructions, expiry date, and a batch number.

    These are some tips and details about e-liquid packaging in compliance with UK legality. Even though many people out there are carrying e-juice around for their vapourizer pens, the e-liquid can still be considered dangerous and hazardous if you aren’t aware of these points.

    Let us all know in the comments below if there are any other points regarding e-liquid packaging.


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