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    Nicotine Concentrate – USP Liquid Nicotine Solutions – Freebase & Nic Salt

    Available in bulk, at less than wholesale prices, and in any size needed.

    Bluestar E-Liquid uses USP pharmaceutical grade liquid nicotine. The solution is provided in both freebase and nic salt, and is pre-diluted to 36mg, 50mg and 72mg nicotine concentrate. The solution used to dilute the concentrate is either EP/USP grade Propylene Glycol (PG), EP/USP grade Vegetable Glycerine (VG), or a mixture of both.

    Nicotine is available in a range of sizes. Whether you are a DIY e-liquid mixer or a manufacturer, we can provide you a consistent supply in any sizes.

    Choose from our 36mg, 50mg and 72mg nicotine concentrate strengths

    Our nicotine concentrates are all clean, clear and unflavoured. We provide competitive prices that are all excellent value for money, and unrivalled customer service that will keep you satisfied. If you have any questions regarding how to best use these products, feel free to send us an inquiry.

    Storage Instructions

    For storage guidance, we recommend keeping the bottle(s) in a dark, cool and dry place such as a top-shelf. To increase the longevity of the products, place them in the back of a refrigerator or freezer.

    Safety & Precautions

    At all times, keep these products away from children or animals. We supply appropriate gloves in store that we recommend you to wear when handling nicotine. These products are of supreme quality. They are all of high strengths and should be carefully handled when adding to your e-liquid recipe. We recommend the use of a mixing calculator when crafting recipes. It is important to learn how to use nicotine safely before mixing.

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