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    TPD Compliant Nicotine Shots – 18mg/ml USP/EP Grade Liquid Nicotine Solution

    Available in bulk, at less than wholesale prices, and in any size needed.

    Each 10ml bottle as low as £0.33 – lowest prices online guaranteed!

    Bluestar E-Liquid has developed these USP/EP pharmaceutical grade nicotine shots to make it easier to add a boost to short fill e-liquid. Whether the e-liquid is 0mg, or already has some strength, altering the number of shots will allow tailored results in strength.

    The solution is pre-diluted to 18mg to create these fully compliant TPD nicotine shots, (100% VG only), which can be resold by businesses at a very high profit margin, and used by consumers at a very low cost, without worry.

    Our Nic Shots are available in 10ml TPD compliant bottles. Whether you are a DIY e-liquid mixer or a manufacturer, we can provide you a consistent supply in any quantity.

    18mg/ml shots available

    The Nicotine Shots are all UK manufactured. 100% VG are fully Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) compliant, and complete with all the relevant warnings and batch numbers. Our nic shots are all clear, clean and unflavoured, and can be used with any brand of e-juice, as well as our own.

    Nicotine Shot Mixing Guide

    There are many advantages of using 18mg Nicotine Shots. For example, when mixing in a 30ml bottle of e-liquid to make strengths of 3mg, 6mg or 12mg, it is very simple and straightforward to do so:

    • 30ml e-liquid in 3mg – Use half a bottle of a nic shot (5ml)
    • 30ml e-liquid in 6mg – Use a full bottle of a nic shot (10ml)
    • 30ml e-liquid in 6mg – Use two bottles of nic shots (2 x 10ml)

    We have created a mixing chart below to make the process simpler for you. All the popular bottle sizes and nicotine strengths are listed.


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