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  • How to Vape for Cheap – Vape More, Spend Less

    April 18, 2018 E-Liquid Tips


    How to Vape for Cheap – Vape More, Spend Less


    These days, with the pressures on our money getting even greater, one of our pleasures in life can actually help you save money. Vaping, proved to be healthier than conventional smoking, with a far wider range of flavours and strengths than a traditional cigarette, it is not hard to see why vaping is becoming more and more popular worldwide. A lot of people walk into a high street vape store and are taken aback at the range of products on display, and a lot of them are at a price that seemingly makes smoking look cheaper. However, if you shop around and are willing to put a little work into your vaping you will find that it both improves the experience for you, and massively reduces the cost of it. So, let us explore a few options on how to vape on a budget. In regards to shopping online, with Bluestar E-Liquid you can literally buy all the supplies you will ever need to get you started on saving money, and their customer service is really friendly and helpful to boot.

    The first step to vape for cheap is to make your own e juice. This sounds more of a challenge than it actually is, and the best way to learn is to buy some of the basic ingredients and give it a go. The base of your juice is universally going to comprise of two basic elements, Polypropylene Glycol (PG) and Vegetable Glycerine (VG). VG is smoother on the throat and gives the distinct vapour clouds that vaping produces – perfect for cloud chasers. PG carries the flavours better and improves throat hit. Most people using ohm devices find that a mixture of 30% PG and 70% VG gives the best results for day to day vaping performance. In simple terms, in 100 ml of juice, that is 30 ml PG and 70 ml VG.

    So now we have a usable base, the next step is to add some flavour. Flavour Concentrates are readily available online. Adding flavour to your base is usually a matter of personal taste and a little experimentation. Most recipes you see online for e liquid do offer the amount of flavour concentrate needed as a percentage, for example 15%. This is to allow for differing volumes of juice to be made with the same recipe, so for 100 ml of vape juice you would need 15 ml of flavouring concentrate. Also, it is worth noting that as your concentrates are most likely to be carried in a PG base by manufacture, it is worth adjusting the volume of unflavoured PG you put into your mix, so for our 70/30 mix, you would still retain the 70 ml of VG, but add only 15 ml of unflavoured PG as you are adding 15 ml (15%) of PG based flavour.

    Once you have this worked out you will be able to make large volumes of e-juice at a fraction of the cost of buying it. Also, as a person who makes their own juice, you can always be sure that your latest mix will be something unique, and much more fun that buying ready-made e-liquid.

    We hope this has given you some inspiration, there is plenty of further reading out there on the net, so have fun and vape on. Get to vape for cheap at https://bluestar-eliquid.com/

    Let us all know in the comments below if there are any other points on how to vape for cheap.


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